"DMVCFramework - the official guide" translated in Spanish

The spanish version of “DMVCFramework - the official guide” is available. Currently the translation is completed at 80%, however using the “incremental publishing” offered by LeanPub, you can buy the book before the completition and get all the updates that will be available in the future. As already happens with the english and the portuguese versions, there will be updates even after the completition because the framework, obviously, is evolving.

Slides and demos from DelphiCon2020: Powering the Web with Delphi

The “Powering the Web with Delphi” session at DelphiCon 2020 has been a success in terms of number of participants with a lot of questions for me the the other guys in the session. All my slides and samples from the talk are publicly available on this Github repo You will find the slides and the source code of the following demos:

DelphiCon2020: Powering the Web with Delphi

I’m happy to present DMVCFramework as part of the “Powering the Web with Delphi” session at DelphiCon 2020. The session will be held November 19, 2020, 5:00 pm CET. During the session I’ll briefly show how to create some kind of APIs in Delphi using DMVCFramework, and how to use them from Delphi and, just to choice one other language, on Python.

How not to handle large files in GitHub

What’s the problem? As you probably know GitHub has a strict file limit of 100MB. If you are just uploading lines of codes probably you don’t need to worry about it. However, if you want to upload a bit of data, or graphic projects, or something in binary, this is a limit that you might want to cross.

My Top 3+1 "News" in RAD Studio 10.4.1 Sydney

This new release builds on the feature set of 10.4, enhancing existing features throughout the product. As you probably know, the first version of the 10.4 family have been some “problems” here and there, but Embarcadero fixed a lot of things and add even more value in the product. Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Introduzione a DMVCFramework 3.2 boron

Il 13 marzo 2020, in piena emergenza Covid-19, scrivevo su Facebook: Ciao a tutti, in questi momenti complicati di segregazione forzata vorrei organizzare qualcosa che possa essere utile a qualcuno. Avevo in mente di farlo da qualche tempo, ma tra un impegno e un altro non sono mai riuscito a trovare il tempo di organizzarlo concretamente.

ITDevConX - The Delphi European Conference

ITDevCon reached its 10th edition in 2019! 10 is a nice number. Seems yesterday when me and my friend and colleague Fabrizio Bitti were at a “YET ANOTHER CONFERENCE” and looking each others in the eyes, we told each other: “We can do better”. I don’t know if we really always did better, but now ITDevCon is a strong presence in the Delphi (and not only) field.

ITDevCon 2019 Spring Edition

Si avvicina ITDevCon2019 Spring Edition e ormai è tempo di rendere pubblica la time table. Anche se non ancora completa (alcuni speaker stanno decidendo cosa proporre) già permette di capire il livello dell’evento che si terrà il 17 maggio 2019 negli uffici di bit Time Group a Roma. L’edizione “spring” di ITDevCon dura solo un giorno ed è completamente (o quasi) in italiano.

How to use gevent and Flask on Windows

Flask Flask is one of most popular python framework for web solution. It is a non-opinionated framework, an I really like it. Flask contains also a nice and useful development web server with automatic reloading. However, when you have to deploy a Flask application you cannot rely on the development web server, you need a production ready system.

DMVCFramework at CodeRage 2019

At CodeRage 2019 Brasil edition, Rafael Araujo held a good speech about DMVCFramework and its utilization for APIs development. In the video Rafael shows how to create a simple API to do CRUD for a database table (using FireDAC and FirebirdSQL) and how to create a VCL client using the facilities that DMVCFramework offerts to automatically populate a TFDMemTable.