#2 “dorm, the Delphi ORM” bullettin

Posted on mar 03 gennaio 2012 in Delphi, dorm

This is the second post regarding a fast update on the last changes to the dorm project in terms of management and code.

  • Welcome to 2 new contributors: Marco Mottadelli and BraveCobra (this is the full list http://code.google.com/p/delphi-orm/people/list)
  • Added 2 new PersistentStrategy for MSSQLServer based on dbExpress (the 1st use the Embarcadero dbExpress driver, while the 2nd use the DevArt dbExpress driver)
  • Added another PersistentStrategy for MSSQLServer based on ADO (so also Delphi Professional users can use dorm with MSSQLServer)
  • The new mapping strategy is under development. There will be “3 levels” of mapping: Config File, RTTI Attributes and “Conventions Over Configuration” (CoC) (do you wanna check the code in dev branch? Click here)
  • Added more unittests
  • Roadmap updated
  • Introduction to dorm, now is a PDF document
  • The config file has been splitted in "Persistence" and "Mapping" for a more flexible configuration
  • Added packages (Thank you BraveCobra)
  • Added MappingCreator. Now you can create the mapping file using an existent database.
  • IWrapperList (a duck typed list) now is used EVERYWHERE! You can use whatever list from whatever library you want to use. The list must have only a specific methods named as following: Add, Clear, GetElement/GetItem, Count
  • Added FillList methods
There are plenty of new features still to come. Stay tuned!