Sending Android Intents from Delphi (Part 2)

Posted on lun 13 gennaio 2014 in Android, Delphi XE5

Some months ago I wrote a post with title "Sending Android Intents from Delphi (Part 1)". In that post I promised to write a 2nd part... here's it is!

This time I want to play a video deployed with my APK using an external player.

Some informations are available on …

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Sending Android Intents from Delphi (Part 1)

Posted on gio 26 settembre 2013 in Android, Delphi XE5

As you probably know, I work for the italian embarcadero representative (, so last week, I've been in Milan (Italy) with the Delphi Product Manager Marco Cantù, to show the new Delphi XE5 for Android (and iOS...).

Users (old and new) were enthusiastics. The Delphi-WAY combined with the …

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