A Simple start with MVP in Delphi for Win32, Part 2

Posted on gio 06 maggio 2010 in Design Patterns

Some month ago I wrote a simple article about an MVP variant called PassiveView.\ That example was very simple. Now I'll present a more "advanced" version of that example.

The main problem with first example was the following method:

``` {lang="delphi"} procedure TfrmCalculatorView.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin //Link controls with …

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A Simple start with MVP in Delphi for Win32, Part 1

Posted on gio 12 febbraio 2009 in Design Patterns

As GUI framework such as VCL become more and more powerful, it's common practice to let the UI layer do more than it should. Without a clear separation of responsibilities, the UI layer can often become an integral part of application and businness logic, but... this kind of responsabilities belongs …

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.NET databinding in Delphi for Win32

Posted on gio 29 gennaio 2009 in Design Patterns

Databinding is defined as: "General technique that binds two data/information sources together and maintains them in sync. This is usually done with two data/information sources with different types as in XML data binding. However in UI data binding, we bind data and information objects of the same type …

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