dorm, "The Delphi ORM" and Spring for Delphi Framework

Posted on ven 17 febbraio 2012 in DORM

Great news for all the dorm and Spring4D users!

As you probably know, finally has been announced the official Spring framework for Delphi.

There is a lot of good technology in Spring4D!

So, I'm glad to announce that in a future version (hopefully, the next one) dorm, "The Delphi ORM …

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#1 "dorm, the Delphi ORM" bullettin

Posted on gio 01 dicembre 2011 in DORM

This is the first post regarding a fast update on the last changes to the dorm project in terms of management and code.

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Duck Typing in Delphi

Posted on mar 08 novembre 2011 in DORM

During a new dorm feature development, I'm faced a nice problem:

I want to have a generic access to a "kind" of list

Let's say:

``` {lang="delphi"} procedure DoSomething(Obj: TMyListType); begin ... end;

But, I want to have that generic access without a [Layer Supertype]( …

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dorm, "The Delphi ORM", officially published at ITDevCon

Posted on mer 02 novembre 2011 in DORM

As all the attendees have seen, at the last ITDevCon, I've officially published dorm as an OpenSource project.


You can find the project on google code:

An introduction to dorm is available on google docs.

dorm begins as a my personal project more than …

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