ITDevCon 2019 Spring Edition

Posted on ven 19 aprile 2019 in ITDevCon

Si avvicina ITDevCon2019 Spring Edition e ormai è tempo di rendere pubblica la time table. Anche se non ancora completa (alcuni speaker stanno decidendo cosa proporre) già permette di capire il livello dell'evento che si terrà il 17 maggio 2019 negli uffici di bit Time Group a Roma.

L'edizione "spring …

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ITDevCon 9 is coming!

Posted on mer 25 luglio 2018 in ITDevCon

ITDevCon2016 logo

Yes, this year we started to name ITDevCon, the usual event for all the best Delphi "heads" (at least in this side of the world) with a version name. So, ladies and gentleman, this will be ITDevCon 9. As usual me and my team are in charge to choose the …

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ITDevCon 2017 - The Delphi European Conference

Posted on mar 05 settembre 2017 in ITDevCon

ITDevCon 2017 is coming!

As every year (but 2015), I’m building the agenda for next ITDevCon that will be held next October 11th, 12th in Rome (Italy), in the same location of the ITDevCon 2016 and ITDevCon 2017 spring edition: the bit Time group headquarter in Rome!

This will …

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ITDevCon 2017 Spring Edition has been a success!

Posted on mer 31 maggio 2017 in ITDevCon

ITDevCon 2017 Spring Edition has been a success! Beyond the good crowd of loyal Delphi italian programmers that usually comes to ITDevCon, also a good number of new guys were coming to the "Spring Edition". Maybe because the SE is shorter, maybe because all the speeches were in italian, maybe …

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ITDevCon 2017 Spring Edition

Posted on mar 09 maggio 2017 in ITDevCon

Yes, we did it!

As we anticipated at the last ITDevCon in Rome (oct 2016) in 2017 we organized another appointment with ITDevCon, called Spring Edition. The Spring Edition is shorter than the classic edition and it is only in italian language, but offers the usual high-level contents that the …

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ITDevCon: -15 days

Posted on mer 21 settembre 2016 in ITDevCon

In about 2 weeks ITDevCon 2016 will start!

The agenda is final since one week already, with most of the speeches already defined months ago.

You can check the agenda here:

Get Your Ticket

We have 15 speakers from all over the world, from Brazil to Slovenia …

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We have the number, "Delphi Cookbook 2nd Edition" is a bestseller!

Posted on ven 05 agosto 2016 in ITDevCon

Delphi Cookbook 2nd Edition was published by PacktPub at the end of June 2016. I'm very happy to see that in just 30 days, it has become a bestseller in its category.

So far, the book has sold 13 copies each day, which is a good figure for a tech …

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ITDevCon 2016 - Call4Paper

Posted on gio 14 aprile 2016 in ITDevCon

ITDevCon2016 logo [UPDATE: ]{style="color: #ff0000;"}

[ITDevCon2016 will be held next Oct 6th, 7th in Rome (Italy). ]{style="color: #ff0000;"}

[The post has been updated as well.]{style="color: #ff0000;"}

Dear potential ITDevCon speaker,

As every year (but 2015), I’m building the agenda for next ITDevCon that will be held next …

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ITDevCon 2014, Call4Papers

Posted on lun 21 luglio 2014 in ITDevCon


Dear potential ITDevCon speaker,

As every year, I’m building the agenda for next ITDevCon that will be held next october 23th, 24th in Milan (Italy), in a new location.

This will be the 6th edition ( we’re getting conference experts J )

The call for papers are officially open right …

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ITDevCon 2013 - Some Numbers

Posted on lun 04 novembre 2013 in ITDevCon

Next week, in Verona (Italy) there will be the 5th edition of the biggest European Delphi Conference.

This year has been extraordinary for the Delphi community. 2 new versions of Delphi and 2 new platforms (with 2 new big markets). There are very many things to talk about at ITDevCon …

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