ITDevCon 2016 - Call4Paper

Posted on gio 14 aprile 2016 in ITDevCon

ITDevCon2016 logo [UPDATE: ]{style="color: #ff0000;"}

[ITDevCon2016 will be held next Oct 6th, 7th in Rome (Italy). ]{style="color: #ff0000;"}

[The post has been updated as well.]{style="color: #ff0000;"}

Dear potential ITDevCon speaker,

As every year (but 2015), I’m building the agenda for next ITDevCon that will be held next …

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Great success for RAD Studio in one of the most important italian government palaces

Posted on sab 02 aprile 2016 in bit Time Professionals, Success Cases

This week, in one of the most important government palaces in Italy (I cannot say which one), I did a consultancy about mobile development. The internal dev team is currently using Xamarin and they have a blocking problem with it. In the team there is a friend of mine which …

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Mar., 22nd 2016: "Refactoring legacy code to design patterns"

Posted on lun 21 marzo 2016 in Webinar

On Mar,22nd 2016 I'll talk about refactoring during a programmed skill sprint with the title: Refactoring legacy code to design patterns.

After a short theoretical introduction, there will be a live demo showing the power of refactoring and the power of the refactoring engine built in into the RAD …

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DataSnap Filters Compendium Updated to Delphi 10 Seattle

Posted on gio 03 marzo 2016 in DataSnap

Very quick info.

Not tremendous useful today as when developed (Delphi 2010 time frame) but, if someone is still using my DataSnap Filters Compendium (and I know some users heavily use it), now can find the Delphi 10 Seattle version on github. Currently works all the speed test and the …

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Echoes From The Past: Message Master For Delphi a.k.a. MM4D

Posted on sab 20 febbraio 2016 in Delphi 10 Seattle, Projects

Some years ago, at the Delphi 6/7 timeframe I was working on a client/server program with c.a. 400 forms and 200 units. At that time I needed a simple way to localize in Italian (in primis) and in other languages, all the  standard dialogs (ShowMessage, InputBox, InputQuery …

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DelphiMVCFramework at the 10° Delphi Meetup in Dresden , Germany

Posted on mar 09 febbraio 2016 in DMVCFramework

Mathias Pannier did a nice talk at the 10° Delphi Meetup in Dresden, Germany. You can find his review with the slide (both in english) in his blog.

Mathias contacted me about some specific questions the audience did.

Here's my replies.

  • Is it possible to have a [MapperJSONSer('first_name')] attribute …

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Delphi Cookbook 2nd edition has been announced

Posted on lun 08 febbraio 2016 in bit Time Professionals, Books

Just after 1 year and half from the 1st edition, the 2nd edition of Delphi Cookbook has been announced. The first edition got a lot of interest and appreciation comments, so the editor decided to ask me a 2nd edition. So here it is! It is still in work-in-progress but …

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Migration to github for all my open source projects... done!

Posted on sab 30 maggio 2015 in Books, DMVCFramework, dorm, Projects, STOMP

Since when Google announced that Google Code will be closed I did start to plan the migration of all my open source projects. Now, the migration is terminated.

In the next days, I'll add all the contributors too, so that the development can go forward as usual.

These are the …

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DelphiPodcastIT episode 2 - Interview about DelphiMVCFramework

Posted on mer 11 marzo 2015 in DMVCFramework

In the 2nd episode of DelphiPodcastIT (Delphi podcast in italian language by Marco Breveglieri) there is a my interview about the past, the present and the future of DelphiMVCFramework with a lot of technical contents. The interview itself is quite long, just like a micro training on DelphiMVCFramework.

Enjoy the …

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New On Line Training "Update to Delphi XE7" february 10-13

Posted on mar 03 febbraio 2015 in bit Time Software, Delphi XE7

Update to Delphi XE7

Just a quick note to inform you about the new online training "Update to Delphi XE7".

The training will be 22 hours long, and is divided in 4 session each (5.5 hours).

More information at the official landing page:

See you on line

DT …

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