New On Line Training "Update to Delphi XE7" february 10-13

Posted on mar 03 febbraio 2015 in bit Time Software, Delphi XE7

Update to Delphi XE7

Just a quick note to inform you about the new online training "Update to Delphi XE7".

The training will be 22 hours long, and is divided in 4 session each (5.5 hours).

More information at the official landing page:

See you on line

DT …

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My "Delphi Cookbook" has been published

Posted on gio 25 settembre 2014 in Books

Almost an year ago I started to write a book about Delphi for Packt Publishing. Today that book has been published.

This book is a cookbook! That's it, in 328 pages you will find useful (I hope) "recipes" for your day-by-day Delphi job.

Topics of the book

  • [Create visually stunning …

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Using dynamic arrays and Parallel Programming Library (Part 1)

Posted on mer 24 settembre 2014 in Delphi, Parallel Programming Library

The Parallel Programming Library introduced in XE7 is one of the  most awaited built-in library for the Delphi and C++Builder RTL, at least for me. I've still a nice list waiting for the next versions, but this is another story :-)

Marco Cantù wrote about dynamic arrays some days ago …

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ITDevCon 2014, Call4Papers

Posted on lun 21 luglio 2014 in ITDevCon


Dear potential ITDevCon speaker,

As every year, I’m building the agenda for next ITDevCon that will be held next october 23th, 24th in Milan (Italy), in a new location.

This will be the 6th edition ( we’re getting conference experts J )

The call for papers are officially open right …

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PACKT Publishing Book Review: "Gideros Mobile Game Development"

Posted on ven 07 marzo 2014 in Mobile

As you probably know, I did some reviews on PACKT Publishing technical books. Now I did a review on a new book about Gideros Mobile. At bit Time Software we used to create mobile games too and in the last months some of them have been built with Gideros Mobile …

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March 2014 news about "DelphiMVCFramework"

Posted on lun 03 marzo 2014 in Delphi, Delphi XE3, Delphi XE4, Delphi XE5, DMVCFramework, Projects

In the last months DMVCFramework has been used in many projects. Some fixes and some new features has been added.

Tomorrow will start the 4th training from the Jan 1st 2014 on DMVCFramework... WOW!

The best selling training is "Developing Web Client applications using AngularJS and DelphiMVCFramework" (a slightly modified …

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Sending Android Intents from Delphi (Part 2)

Posted on lun 13 gennaio 2014 in Android, Delphi XE5

Some months ago I wrote a post with title "Sending Android Intents from Delphi (Part 1)". In that post I promised to write a 2nd part... here's it is!

This time I want to play a video deployed with my APK using an external player.

Some informations are available on …

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DelphiMVCFramework is now Open Source!

Posted on lun 04 novembre 2013 in Delphi XE4, Delphi XE5, DMVCFramework, MVC, RTTI


Yes, just after 1 year of development, and a couple of big projects developed with it, the DelphiMVCFramework has been published as OpenSource.

The project is on google code svn

I'll talk about it at ITDevCon2013 (

In the trunk there …

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ITDevCon 2013 - Some Numbers

Posted on lun 04 novembre 2013 in ITDevCon

Next week, in Verona (Italy) there will be the 5th edition of the biggest European Delphi Conference.

This year has been extraordinary for the Delphi community. 2 new versions of Delphi and 2 new platforms (with 2 new big markets). There are very many things to talk about at ITDevCon …

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Sending Android Intents from Delphi (Part 1)

Posted on gio 26 settembre 2013 in Android, Delphi XE5

As you probably know, I work for the italian embarcadero representative (, so last week, I've been in Milan (Italy) with the Delphi Product Manager Marco Cantù, to show the new Delphi XE5 for Android (and iOS...).

Users (old and new) were enthusiastics. The Delphi-WAY combined with the …

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