Sending Android Intents from Delphi (Part 2)

Posted on lun 13 gennaio 2014 in Android, Delphi XE5

Some months ago I wrote a post with title "Sending Android Intents from Delphi (Part 1)". In that post I promised to write a 2nd part... here's it is!

This time I want to play a video deployed with my APK using an external player.

Some informations are available on the Internet, but to correctly know how to play the video I've to inspect my Nexus 5 with the LogCat while using the default file manager to start the default video player.

The app main form  is shown below


I've added an mp4 video file using the deployment manager.

This is the code under the button click event

{lang="delphi"} procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var Intent: JIntent; FileName, DestFileName: string; Data: Jnet_Uri; CompName: JComponentName; const VIDEO_FILENAME = 'videoviewdemo.mp4'; begin FileName := System.IOUtils.TPath.GetDocumentsPath + PathDelim + VIDEO_FILENAME; DestFileName := TPath.GetSharedDownloadsPath + PathDelim + VIDEO_FILENAME; // Copy the file into a public path (you can use any public path) TFile.Copy(FileName, DestFileName, true); Data := TJnet_Uri.JavaClass.parse(StringToJString('file://' + DestFileName)); Intent := TJIntent.Create; Intent.setAction(TJIntent.JavaClass.ACTION_VIEW); if CheckBox1.IsChecked then begin CompName := TJComponentName.JavaClass.init(StringToJString('android'), StringToJString('')); Intent.setComponent(CompName); end; Intent.setDataAndType(Data, StringToJString('video/mp4')); try MainActivity.startActivity(Intent); except on E: Exception do begin Label1.Text := E.Message; end; end; end;

Using the checkbox you can force the OS to show the ResolverActivity.

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