Sneak peek to simple integration between DMVCFramework and DORM

Posted on gio 18 aprile 2013 in Delphi

This is a really simple (not optimized and dirty) integration between the upcoming DMVCFramework (WebBroker based MVC framework) and DORM, "the Delphi ORM".

[This is the DMVCFramework controller with the relative mapping and methods. In the method "GetUsers" dorm is used to execute a select to the database using the sanitized parameter passed on the url.]{style="font-size: 13px;"}

``` {lang="delphi"} unit UsersControllerU;


uses MVCFramework, dorm;


[MVCPath('/users')] TUsersController = class(TMVCController) strict private dormSession: TSession;

strict protected procedure MVCControllerAfterCreate; override; procedure MVCControllerBeforeDestroy; override;

public [MVCPath('/($id)')] [MVCHTTPMethod([httpGET])] procedure GetUsers(CTX: TWebContext); end;


uses dorm.loggers, dorm.adapters, dorm.Commons, UsersBO;

{ TUsersController }

procedure TUsersController.GetUsers(CTX: TWebContext); var User: TUser; begin User := dormSession.Load < TUser > (CTX.Request.ParamsAsInteger['id']); Render(User); end;

procedure TUsersController.MVCControllerAfterCreate; begin inherited; dormSession := TSession.CreateConfigured('dorm.conf', TdormEnvironment.deDevelopment); end;

procedure TUsersController.MVCControllerBeforeDestroy; begin dormSession.Free; inherited; end;

end. ```

Now, if you run the application and go to http://localhost/users/1 (the server is running on port 80), you'll get the following:

Stay tuned.