ITDevCon 9 is coming!

Posted on mer 25 luglio 2018 in ITDevCon

ITDevCon2016 logo

Yes, this year we started to name ITDevCon, the usual event for all the best Delphi "heads" (at least in this side of the world) with a version name. So, ladies and gentleman, this will be ITDevCon 9. As usual me and my team are in charge to choose the …

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ITDevCon 2016 - Call4Paper

Posted on gio 14 aprile 2016 in ITDevCon

ITDevCon2016 logo [UPDATE: ]{style="color: #ff0000;"}

[ITDevCon2016 will be held next Oct 6th, 7th in Rome (Italy). ]{style="color: #ff0000;"}

[The post has been updated as well.]{style="color: #ff0000;"}

Dear potential ITDevCon speaker,

As every year (but 2015), I’m building the agenda for next ITDevCon that will be held next …

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ITDevCon 2013 - Some Numbers

Posted on lun 04 novembre 2013 in ITDevCon

Next week, in Verona (Italy) there will be the 5th edition of the biggest European Delphi Conference.

This year has been extraordinary for the Delphi community. 2 new versions of Delphi and 2 new platforms (with 2 new big markets). There are very many things to talk about at ITDevCon …

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ITDevCON 2013 - Call 4 Paper

Posted on dom 28 luglio 2013 in ITDevCon


Dear potential ITDevCon speaker,

I'm building the agenda for next ITDevCon that will be held next november 14th, 15th in Verona (Italy), the same location of the past year.

This will be the 5th edition ( we're getting conference experts J )

The call for papers are officially open right now, so …

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DROIDDevCon - Call4Papers

Posted on ven 25 maggio 2012 in Events, DROIDDevCon

DROIDDevCon is the first conference in italy completly focused on Android OS development.

This post is the official opening for the call4papers!

Dear potential DROIDDevCon speaker,

I'm building the agenda for first DROIDDevCon that will be held October 24th in Verona (Italy).

The call for papers are officially open right …

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Back from Brazil (all slides and code from the Brasilian Delphi Conference)

Posted on sab 06 novembre 2010 in Events

Last week I returned from Brazil where I had been to speak to the Delphi Conference.\ The conference was held in St. Paul who, like many Brazilians will be able to confirm, is not a typical Brazilian city.

The warmth of local people has been exemplary. Andreano Lanusse has organized …

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My speech at "PHPCon Italia 2009"

Posted on gio 19 febbraio 2009 in Category: Events, PHP

I will talk at the italian PHPCon in Rome on March 18-20 2009.

I will talk about "Data Access Design Patterns" showing many PHP examples.

PHPCon Italia 2009\ Holiday Inn Eur Parco dei Medici\ Viale Castello Della Magliana 65\ ROME, 00148\ ITALIA\ Web Site

Click here for discount on ticket …

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