Delphi Redis Client available through GetIt Package Manager

Posted on lun 05 dicembre 2016 in bit Time Professionals, Programming


Since some days ago, Delphi Redis Client, the official redis client for Delphi, is available through GetIt.

You can get the library with just a click, now there aren't reasons to be afraid by Redis utilization :-)

More info and the (very simple) installation instruction at the dedicated page.

The official …

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Echoes From The Past: Message Master For Delphi a.k.a. MM4D

Posted on sab 20 febbraio 2016 in Delphi 10 Seattle, Projects

Some years ago, at the Delphi 6/7 timeframe I was working on a client/server program with c.a. 400 forms and 200 units. At that time I needed a simple way to localize in Italian (in primis) and in other languages, all the  standard dialogs (ShowMessage, InputBox, InputQuery …

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Migration to github for all my open source projects... done!

Posted on sab 30 maggio 2015 in Books, DMVCFramework, dorm, Projects, STOMP

Since when Google announced that Google Code will be closed I did start to plan the migration of all my open source projects. Now, the migration is terminated.

In the next days, I'll add all the contributors too, so that the development can go forward as usual.

These are the …

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#1 "dorm, the Delphi ORM" bullettin

Posted on gio 01 dicembre 2011 in DORM

This is the first post regarding a fast update on the last changes to the dorm project in terms of management and code.

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DataSnap Filters Compendium

Posted on gio 01 ottobre 2009 in DataSnap

What's DataSnap Filters Compendium

DataSnap Filters Compendium (DSFC) is a compendium of 9 filters for DataSnap 2010.\ The filters are divided into 3 groups:

HASH\ MD5\ MD4\ SHA1\ SHA512

CIPHER\ Blowfish\ Rijndael\ 3TDES\ 3DES


HASH filters\ The HASH filters helps avoid to any spiteful person to modify datasnap …

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Delphi profiling made simple... really simple!

Posted on mer 01 aprile 2009 in CodeGear, Delphi, Delphi for Win32, Programming

Many users asked Embarcadero to include a profiler in the next Delphi for Win32.

Waiting for this, there are some interesting tools for profile a Delphi program.

For example, AsmProfile is an Open Source sampling profiler wich is very simple to use.


Actually AsmProfile is an "Instrumenting" profiler. It …

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