Delphi 10.2 Tokyo: REDIS Client is ready for Linux (VIDEO)

Posted on dom 26 marzo 2017 in Delphi, Linux

Now that Delphi can compile for Linux, I'd like to show how to use Delphi REDIS client on Linux.\ Redis is a very powerful key-value store server used by the biggest companies in the world. While it is very popular in web applications with thousands of concurrent users, also traditional …

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Delphi Redis Client available through GetIt Package Manager

Posted on lun 05 dicembre 2016 in bit Time Professionals, Programming


Since some days ago, Delphi Redis Client, the official redis client for Delphi, is available through GetIt.

You can get the library with just a click, now there aren't reasons to be afraid by Redis utilization :-)

More info and the (very simple) installation instruction at the dedicated page.

The official …

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