ITDevCon 2024 Spring Edition - Call 4 Paper (ITALIANO)

Vuoi diventare protagonista del più grande evento italiano sull’innovazione tecnologica relativa a Delphi? È il momento giusto: è aperto il call for paper per ITDevCon Spring Edition 2024! Come anticipato nella nuova newsletter “Delphi Bites” (clicca qui per iscriverti), siamo infatti pronti a dar vita a ITDevCon 2024 Spring Edition: la conferenza tutta italiana dedicata all’innovazione tecnologica relativa a Delphi e alle tecnologie a esso collegate.

How to speed up "" queries using pg_trgm

In the realm of databases, PostgreSQL stands out for its adaptability and the plethora of features it offers, especially when it comes to handling textual data. An often underappreciated gem in this context is the pg_trgm extension. What is pg_trgm? pg_trgm is a PostgreSQL extension that provides functionality for determining the similarity between text strings and improving text searches.

"DMVCFramework Introduction" - video from IPC2023 in Salamanca

I am thrilled to announce the release of my talk ‘DMVCFramework Introduction’ from the prestigious International Pascal Congress in Salamanca. This presentation offers an in-depth exploration of DMVCFramework, a very popular Delphi framework extensively used worldwide for developing efficient RESTful APIs and performant JSON-RPC APIs. Throughout the talk, I discuss how DMVCFramework stands as the most popular Delphi framework on GitHub, illustrate its widespread adoption in various industries, and provide a practical guide on starting with DMVCFramework for creating high-performance web solutions.

DelphiMVCFramework 3.4.1-sodium

👉 DelphiMVCFramework 3.4.1-sodium is out! This isn’t a feature realease, but contains fixes and some small improvements that can improve your day by day job with the framework. The latest DelphiMVCFramework version is always available at this link. DelphiMVCFramework Book While all these new features can change and simplify the way you’ll write your next APIs, the contents in the Official Guide is still largely relevant and all the concepts explained there are still valid.

Exclusive MVCActiveRecord, SQL and RQL Video Tutorial Series on PATREON - Video 2

I am pleased to announce the release of the second video in my exclusive series on PATREON, focusing on the utilization of queries using specific methods (GetBy*, SelectBy*, Count*), SQL and RQL queries with TMVCActiveRecord. This series represents a significant opportunity for developers seeking to deepen their understanding and proficiency in database programming using TMVCActiveRecord.

"Developing frontend and backend in Pascal: past, present and future" - video of my IPC2023 plenary talk in Salamanca

I am excited to share the release of my plenary talk from the recent International Pascal Congress in Salamanca, titled ‘Developing Frontend and Backend in Pascal: Past, Present, and Future’. This presentation offers a comprehensive journey through the evolution of web development, emphasizing Pascal’s role. From its inception in classic web to its adaptation in the API revolution, and its future prospects, including WebAssembly and its system interface (WASI), the talk navigates through key developments in frontend and backend programming.

Webinar: Cosa c'è di nuovo nella RTL di Delphi 12 a.k.a Nuovi modi per non reinventare la ruota (ITALIANO)

Grazie a tutti i partecipanti del webinar “What’s new in Delphi 12 RTL”. Nel webinar che si è appena concluso abbiamo approfondito le nuove funzionalità della RTL di Delphi 12 Athens, tra cui le classi TProxySubrangeStream e TProxyAggregateStream, e le migliorie a TStrings (con tutto quello che comporta per gli innumerevoli utilizzi di TStringList in RTL, VCL e Firemonkey) e TArray.

Using ChatGPT with Delphi and DMVCFramework

The AI revolution is reshaping our technological landscape. In 2016, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai predicted a shift to an ‘AI-first’ world, and now we are experiencing it. While OpenAI has made notable strides with releases like DALL-E and GPT-3.5, the AI field is witnessing continuous evolution. In a recent interview, Pichai highlighted the vast potential of AI, emphasizing its status as a ‘profound platform shift, bigger than web or mobile.

My Top 3+1 features in the new RAD Studio 12 Athens

RAD Studio 12 Athens has been release yesterday, nov 7th 2023. This new release builds on the feature set of 11.x, enhancing existing features throughout the product. In this release there new features and a good number of bug fixes. Starting from the splash screen which is clean and polished as usual in the lastest versions and with a brilliant red very “familiar” to the Delphi devs.

ITDevCon 2023 - Greetings and Thanks

It is with great joy and satisfaction that we concluded ITDevCon 2023 on Friday 27th. These last few days have been intense, full of knowledge sharing, inspiration and collaboration. I would like to take a moment to thank all the speakers, sponsors and, above all, the participants, who made this conference an extraordinary event.